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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

I actually wrote that little post on Daniel Johnston before hearing about his new tribute album. When I saw the title I freaked out and starting searching through Austin news wondering why nobody had written an obituary on him. I guess the joke's on me (in more ways than one).

I'm very glad he remains alive. Word has been that he's doing better with his mental disorders. I hope to say the same about myself sometime soon, and I don't want to see one of my musical idols be cured of a mental disorder only to die a few years later of a physical one (I'd heard rumors he had an untreated diabetic condition. At least this is good news. Maybe I should check out some of his recent stuff, as I haven't heard anything since the graceful and lovely Fun.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Random thoughts:

Kraftwerk's "Vitamin" is amazing. After being totally out of it for twenty years, they come back and put out this track that sounds fresh and brilliant and lovely and totally WITH IT. It's like they can be gone for as long as they want and come back and instantly be totally catch the Zeitgeist. Maybe they had predicted the path of electronic music all along.

Daniel Johnston. Why was there all this hype about Cody Chesnutt's Masterpiece or whatever last year? Why didn't everyone just listen to Yip Jump Music, the album which includes by far the greatest amount of quality per dollar and hour spent on it. Absolutely exciting. The way Chord Organ Blues ends and The Beatles picks up immediately, like it's one.

More thoughts to come very shortly.


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