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Thursday, April 29, 2004

I'm not surprised there are so many people who don't like If You're Feeling Sinister, but I think it's just because they don't understand what the album's about. It's about terror. Feeling complete terror, and finding a way to keep living.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

More proof that the 90's are full of so much splendor we aren't aware of. I saw the video for "Linger" by the Cranberries for the first time today, and it floored me. A dead-on Kenneth Anger tribute in glorious black and white, making me think there's some secret power to that song. After all, this is the song that inspired such violent dancing that a DC show was stopped. Love the sexy imagery (music videos I find sexier than just about anything else. If a girl wanted me to fuck her all she'd have to do would be appear in a video), and I absolutely love Dolores here, who unlike the Cranberries leader in later songs such as "Zombie" is completely unsure of herself. Her voice wavers, she looks at the floor, but still manages to sing harder than your average indie Alison Statton/Isobel Campbell type (a vocal style I ADORE, btw, but more on that later, because it's different). Also I dig those 16th-note snare hits, its like a hastily-programmed drum machine.

Totally classic single from the 90's; it makes me want to print and comment on my top singles of the 90's here, which I guess I could still do. It's really an embarassment of riches.

Thursday, April 22, 2004

What is it about "Hang Down Your Head" that makes everyone who listens to it think they've heard it somewhere before? Is it really stolen from something, or is it just a genius song?

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Here's hoping for a renaissance for Maxwell.

Well I was just thinking how I'd like to see the Fall on this tour, and as I go check the Web I see that they were just here THREE DAYS AGO!

I just couldn't get ahead, I tell you. This seems to happen to me every time I think about a show I'd really love to attend. I need to find a better system of finding out about concerts, don't I? Or just concentrate on records, as usual.

Also, Simon's new book has a title, so we're that much closer to actually being able to read the whole thing. Of course, instead of waiting I could just finish reading Ecstasy Generation and England's Dreaming. Rip It Up and Start Again was much better than anything I had thought of, mostly along the lines of Down With Punk and Rebuild This City.


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